Saturday, March 8, 2008

Would Someone Tell These People it's Just a GAME!!!

An innocent lunch with a good friend has changed my simple life as I once knew it.

Darlene: Oh my GOD! Rambo just brought me a promise ring!

Her "Oh my GOD" rattles me from concentrating on the eyelash viper in front of me. I should be use to it by now. These outbursts have been going on pretty much daily and sometimes several times an evening since that fateful day when it was suggested that Darlene get "Nintendogs" to play on her Nintendo DS.

Don't let this cute face claim you as another victim!

It started with one dog, a boxer she named "Rambo". Of course, one dog wasn't enough and now there are three. Along with Rambo, she "owns" a Dalmation named "Cookie" and a Beagle named "Cartman".

Darlene: Cookie has already won 1st place in the beginner level obedience trails.

Me: Blank stare while hoping someone will pass me a can of gasoline and a match.

If that's not bad enough, now there's a "several times a day" e-mail thread that's passed between Darlene, our GOOD FRIEND who started all of this and now, another good friend who folded to the temptation of owning a "dog". Of course, I endure the misery because I'm ALWAYS cc'd on the e-mails. Example:

1st Friend: Daisy (Golden Retriever) will be participating in the Championship disc toss today. Wish her luck. Maximus will be in the championship agility trial. Wish him luck. Crazy (Siberian Husky) still insists on not lying down. Maybe she really is crazy. Jim, why are you resisting? :)

2nd Friend: Mitzy's update:2 championships for obedience and disc, beginner of course. she's learning tricks quickly too, but the training "mic" doesn't come up sometimes when I want to teach her what she just did, frustrated with that.- got my first stick (umm, yea?)

Darlene's response is TOO LONG to post here but she congratulates both friends on their "dogs' " accomplishments and gives any "doggie" updates that have happened in the FEW minutes since the last e-mail.

Me: Delete, delete, delete.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Darlene is having fun and corresponding more with our friends but this is one of those interactive games where one actually talks to the "dog". OK, now she's got me doing it...talks to the GAME! Our African grey is already mimicking Rambo's bark. It's only a matter of time until he mimics Darlene, saying "sit", "roll-over", "spin", "paw" and my new favorite, "hiney".

Can someone pass me a match?!


XXXX said...


darlene said...

I guess it's not so bad being dis'd by your husband if it's done with style and flare. ;-)

Rambo (Boxer) Time Together 13:29
Tricks: sit, shake, lie down, rollover, jump, sneeze, spin
Contests: Disc - Expert; Agility - Beginner; Obedience - Open

Cookie (Dalmation) Time Together 3:53
Tricks: paw (shake), sit, sneeze, lie down, rollover, hiney, jump, beg, tail (spin)
Contests: Disc - Beginner; Agility - None; Obedience - Expert 1st place

Cartman (Beagle) Time Together 0:25
Tricks: sit, lie down, hiney, paw (shake)
Contests: Disc - None; Agility - None; Obedience - None

Beth&Leo said...

Gee, i don't even know what a N2 is???

Now I know why I haven't heard from Darlene. You can never compete with babies or pets. But, I am glad you are having fun and learning teamwork!

My excitement is waiting on the nurse to have the dressing changed???

Keep at it gal!


Michelle said...

WOW! I almost fell off the couch laughing so hard! Thanks for including Mitzy and me in the blog, we're honored! Jason should have a his own dog soon enough and then maybe you'll consider honoring him too! Of course it would be horrible if you couldn't even go to work to get away from Darlene's dogs and run into Jason with his!!

You're such an awesome husband to put up with so much about the dogs. But, you have your snakes and now Darlene has her "pets" too.

We'll have a playdate for all the doggies soon!

Have a great day! ::wave "bye-bye":: good dog!

Michelle said...

One more thing, if they had a snake one that allowed you to "raise" some of the most endangered species or the ones that wouldn't do well living in South Texas you'd probably get the game too! Of course you would be limited to "coil" "sunbath" "eat" but I'm sure it would still entertain you!

Anonymous said...

Jim, can you include me in the match and gasoline bonfire? Did friend #1 tell you that I had a German shepherd Nintendog that I asked him to erase (due to the guilty feelings of neglecting her) to take care of the 3 REAL dogs that we own? Our real dogs were getting soooo jealous in hearing me praise the nintendog when she learned something new that I couldn't play in peace. I am really, really sorry that friend #1 talked your wife into folding to the temptation - REALLY!
Jesse's girl

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

X - Thanks for rolling on the floor, man! Mongo and PhD Boy saw this first and, as you know, we're always watching to see if Mongo responds favorably. Well, I'm proud to say he actually laughed! Then I knew it was "X" worthy!

PhD Boy? Well, he said he'd have to check with Kyle before he made a decision but did state I'd probably go to Hell for wasting my time writing such mindless dribble.

Baby - Just keep repeating, "I'm not obsessed, I'm not obsessed"...

Beth - That's partly why she hasn't called you but she's also been sick with the crud and had to stay home from work most of the week. Of course, that gave her a good excuse to play her game OVER and OVER and OVER...

Michelle - How could I not include you since you're always NICE ENOUGH to include me in the e-mail threads. Poor Jason, I warned him and warned him and now, I hear he's giving in to the temptation! Run Jason, RUN!!!!

Jesse's Girl - Thank you SO MUCH for understanding my plight. I knew you were in trouble when X was here and mentioned needing to call you to take care of his "dog". I'm ever so proud of you for "getting out" before it consumed you too!

25or6to4 said...

Well, since I get my own version today, and you have been so enthusiastic about it, I'm naming my first dog Campbell!

darlene said...

25or6to4 -- Congrats on your first Nintendoggie!!! I am sure that Jim is honored that you have named your first puppy after him! =D I can't wait for the four of us to get together so I can give you a dalmation and Michelle a doggie too!

As I mentioned in an email update today, I may be getting in too deep. Being excited because the all natural dog food is now available, paying more $$$ for and wondering if your Nintendoggies will like it may be a bit too much! Doh! It's all good, though!


LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

25or6to4 - What happened to WordJong? I begged, ah suggested, you not give in to the temptation of the "doggies". I guess I should be honored you're naming your first "dog" after me but, IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!

Baby - Maybe you should think about purchasing the new DS game called "NintendogsObsessedPeople".

Derek said...

Nicotindogs: The first step is a big one...admitting that you have a problem and want to quit. The quitting part just takes time and support. It helps to fill the void that's left with other, healthier activities. Going to work, brushing your teeth, eating, leaving the couch, and sleeping are all good examples.

Going to the bathroom at work as an excuse to check on nicotindog, encouraging others to try nicotindog, or waking up in the middle of the night to make sure that "Cartman" is okay are all signs that you're loved one is absolutely hopelessly addicted and perhaps intervention is required. Spouses/significant others can confiscate paraphernalia (DS charger cords, extra batteries) as the first step. The next step may involve a 16-ounce hammer. Believe me, your loved one will thank you in the end.

So it's even worse (better?) than Tetris, huh? I never saw the world the same again after that game. Have fun...there are worse things you could spend your time doing ;)

darlene said...

Derek -- This totally has me ROTFLMAO!!!! Jim may be calling on you for help with the intervention in the near future!
;-) Of course, I am enjoying my addiction too much right now to want help and am not ready to be thrown into the NintenCrack ward just yet! Besides, I heard that those peeps are a rough crowd. =D

I am not sure I would say that it's better/worse than Tetris unless you are into pseudo-pets. Acquiring trainer points, contest $$$ and having your doggies bring you presents while on walks is kind of cool!

I do think that Nintendogs does a good job of teaching children or those who have now owned a pet the amount of time and effort involved.

Thanks for the laugh!

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Thanks for the help Derek! Now, if I can only get her to admit she HAS a problem, maybe she can take the first step towards "Nintendogs Rehab". Maybe I should call Dr. Drew.

By the way, we're proud of YOU for trying to kick the nicotine habit!