Monday, May 12, 2008

Surely, You've Made a Mistake!

I've always admired writers. I don't mean "bloggers" like myself who attempt to write. I mean real writers. People who are good enough to put words into meaning and can even make a living doing what they love. I envy such gifted souls. So what a surprise it was when Darlene showed me a "Google Alert" she received this morning that La Vibora had been given the Blogging With a Purpose award from a REAL writer, L.A. Mitchell. What? La Vibora has a purpose? Surely, she made a mistake!

OK, it probably helped that we had supper with her and her husband last Tuesday night in Port Isabel. You see, we've actually known them for some time but, like most people in today's rat race, we really haven't kept in touch that much for over 8 years. It's sad now that I think about it. We had such good times together back in the mid and late 90s before they left Brownsville for greener pastures. After all this time, it was a pleasure to catch up on their lives and family.

I know I'll have an even bigger complex about my writing now, knowing that a real writer is reading it. I encourage you to take time to visit L.A.'s website and be sure to spend time reading her blog. You'll recognize she has a gift for writing from the first sentence.

Like so many of her peers have stated, "one day I'll be able to say I knew her when".


Beth&Leo said...

As for me and Leo, she's made a good call. beth&leo

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Beth and Leo - You're both too kind but thanks for taking the time to stroke my ego a bit. I hope you are both doing well.

darlene said...

ITA with Beth and Leo! I have always been proud of you for your many talents and your endless dedication to all of the animals in your care. =)

Your perfectionism is always evident in all that you do. Your "Aaron" post is a very well-written example! OK. Perhaps your perfectly aligned array of baby vipers borders on (or ..uh.. jumps head first into) OCD-ism but, in this case, it contributes greatly to your success as a breeder!

Your mostly admiring fan!
**who should probably wait until she's been awake longer to express her thoughts in public**

Eric (L.A's hubby...Big_Cat) said...

Being L.A's husband, confidant, best friend, partner-in-life, (I could go on here, but I won't), we just have to say that we have missed you guys a bunch too, since it's been a good 12 years (8 Jim? LOL...longer than that).

We loved catching up with you and Darlene about your gorgeous grandkids, daughter, professional and personal lives, and of course we could never leave out the spiders and reptiles ;-)).

We also didn't realize how much we missed the laid-back culture and lifestyle that is the Lower Rio Grande Valley and how it's grown!

We were young and newlyweds back then, but now we could picture us being back down there in the years to come. You guys are talented bloggers and never sell yourselves short.

We enjoyed every minute of our time down there and hope we get to see you sooner this time, and NOT a decade down the road. Let me just say Jim jump-started my NWS career and was always supportive in my goals. He's still that way today. Forever thanks, Jim!!

Now I have 3 well-thought, mind-invigorating blogs to read.

Eric said...

Oh, and just wanted to say, thank you for the kind words regarding L.A's page and blogs. It all started shortly after Brownsville and have been behind L.A since she first started this whole idea.

Admittingly, I was skeptical at first, but realize what a skill and passion she has for her writing and have been supportive since. I know one day, the big day will come when her books are on the shelves of Hastings and Barnes n' Noble stores. That day can't come too soon.

Jungle Pete said...

Letting people know you're a little off center is certainly purpose. Anyone who has more than 4dozen venomous snakes in containers in their living space qualifies. It's important to know who these people are!

Steve's girl said...

Congrats Jim! I think your blog is very deserving of this recognition. To me it is educational...I am always learning something new about snakes, spiders, opossums, and assorted other critters from your extensive knowledge and through your camera lens.

Keep up the good work!

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

As always Baby, thanks for your unwavering support. I couldn't have gotten this far without you!

Eric - It was great so see you and L.A. again after all (OK, 12!) these years. Man, how time slips away. I know you both have a lot to be proud of right now.

Pete - Thanks for your kind (?) words. When I take time to make my list of Blogging with a Purpose sites, your's will surely be on it! Keep the adventures coming!

Sandy - Thanks for the inspiring words. I do hear my camera calling and there's a beautiful red Atheris squamigera that wants her story told!

Thanks for the nice thoughts everyone!

Derek said...

Cool, man. I've said before that you have a gift for writing and it shows in your blog, as well. You have a way of relating and being funny that makes me envious. I wish that I could relate that well to an audience when I write. Please keep to it, as I enjoy it much.

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Derek - Obviously you're delirious this early on a Saturday morning! Thanks man, I do appreciate it!

Beth&Leo said...

"Derek - Obviously you're delirious this early on a Saturday morning! Thanks man, I do appreciate it!"

Good thing you said thanks. I think that it is time for you to admit that you do write well and keep on writing. I don't even know Derek, but I can tell he isn't delirious, just correct this time.


Eric said...

Yeah, Jim...keep it up. All 3 of you write good blogs, just wish I had time (probably be about fish species or something, since that's what I'm into).

Just had surgery and didn't want to be back at work today. Hear there's an opening at CRP? if I can just talk the Mrs into it.

Nah, doubt it.

XXXX said...

Nicely done Jim! I've always considered your writing ability underrated. But now that you've been recognized, I'm not sure that applies anymore. Nice to be back on the same continent as you.