Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Family That Photographs Together, Stays Together

Darlene has a saying, "the family that (whatever we're doing at the moment) together, stays together". That saying came to mind this past Friday when we struck out with cameras in hand with no real itinerary except to drive to Port Mansfield. We hadn't heard much about the town in the 3 weeks since Hurricane Dolly. Most of the damage occurred on South Padre Island from the wind and in other points in the Valley from the rain. We were eager to see if our favorite fishing village survived the storm. It was on this excursion that we began to hash out ideas for another web presence, one that would show others our hidden paradise here in deep south Texas. After spending the day taking photos together, we launched "Photo of the Day" that evening. We plan to alternate days, one day my photo, the next day Darlene's. We hope you'll enjoy our photos and the stories behind them.


Derek said...

Ooh, where did you get the hot model to pose for you, Jim?!! Will she be featured more in the "Daily Photos" blog?!! Hope so! ;) I always look forward to seeing more of your pics, so it's a great idea.

Jungle Pete said...

Nice photo. Where was that? Looks like an old bombed out structure. First time I have seen pictures of both of you and not what I expected!

Derek said...

And I meant to comment on how much I love the new header. It's awesome!

Darlene said...

Derek, is it the boots? Is it? Tell me, tell me... ;-)

I'm glad that you made it home and now know DFW airport inside out.


Jim said...

Derek - Yes, it's a GREAT pose! I'll do my best to make sure she shows up from time to time in the Daily Photos! Thanks for the compliment on the banner!

Pete - That's actually in the old Roma "ruins" at the new World Birding Center. It overlooks the Rio Grande River.

So, what did you think we looked like?!!!

Baby - It's not just the boots, it's the complete PACKAGE! Like me, Derek knows a good thing when he sees it!

XXXX said...

Very nice re-model Jim. I look forward to seeing more fine pics!

Jungle Pete said...

There are a few roadside zoos along Tamiami Trail in the Everglades and I think I make some type of reptile collector correlation which I shouldn't do! You both look quite normal for people who have a multitude of venemous snakes in their home!

WeatherDrip said...

Hey Jim. I didn't think Dolly was so bad.

Oh wait --- we're several hundred miles inland. Guess that makes a difference!

L.A. Mitchell said...

I, too, love the snakes at the top. As long as they stay in your latitude, I'm good.

The photo blog's a great idea. I look forward to seeing what we're missing down there. No matter what's posted Darlene will always be the most beautiful.

Do we know weatherdrip?

Derek said...

Like Jim said, it's the whole package Darlene. The boots, the white shirt, the attitude--"Yeah, I'm a bad ass, so whatcha lookin' at?" Very professional looking!

DFW Holiday Inn Express beats the pants off of the La Quinta Inn, for sure! And their snack machine has fresher HoHos!! Just an FYI.

Jim said...

XXXX - Thanks man. Darlene designed the banner in Photoshop C S3. We both like the new, cleaner look.

Pete - Well, thanks for the compliment (I think). I've seen some of those roadside zoos you refer to and I can see why you were confused about us.

Weatherdrip - A remnant low in El Paso is a little different than a Category 2 Hurricane on the Gulf coast!

L.A. - I'm not sure you know Weatherdrip. Do you know any folks at the EPZ office?

You're correct, Darlene's photo will always be my favorite (and apparently Derek's!).

Derek- Damnit man, now I have a craving for HoHo's! I know HEB has them. Like a good friend of ours once said, "if they (HEB)don't have it, you don't need it".

Darlene said...

Thanks L.A. You are way too sweet and I love ya' for saying that. =) (Thanks for chiming in, Baby!)

Thanks Derek! ...but we all know that I'm far from a bad@ss. ;-) If had a look of attitude it was probably a looking daring/begging Jim not to take the photo!

Jungle Pete -- LMAO! We have been called the Addams Family before so what you thought doesn't sound that bad. ;-)

Mr Weatherdrip -- Yuh-huh..being so far inland makes just a tiny little difference! The whole hurricane experience has become just a little bit tiresome IMHO.

Ok, Derek & Jim! Stop the HoHo talk! It's not that kind of blog. =O No matters if HEB has them; ya' don't need them!


XXXX said...

Ugh, stupid Dolly. Dolly was actually still a depression over northern Chihuahua, just before it crossed into New Mexico. The remnant low then scooted up into southern New Mexico, dumped 6-8 inches of rain over the Sacramento mountains in 6-12 hours, and the resultant flash flood produced over $20 million dollars (at last count) in damage in Ruidoso.

Our soils can't handle rain the way the soils in south Texas can. It was (is) still a mess.

Jim said...

XXXX - And you thought moving to NM would ease your anxiety (and associated facial tick) over hurricanes!!!!

Beth&Leo said...

Nice new header!

How did you get that gal to stand still and let you take her picture? She is so camera shy?

Nice post as always.


WeatherDrip said...

Oops! I forgot to post under "Border Cowboy". "WeatherDrip" is what I'm known as in most other areas. Sorry for the confusion.

Which makes me wonder --- How did you know who I was, Jim?

Signed, Border Drip... Weather Cowboy... or something like that.