Monday, July 30, 2007

Angela's a Wreck and I'm Feeling Blue

Angela called first thing this morning and was noticeably upset. "I just dropped Anevay off at school", then she broke down. What is this rite of passage that sends mothers into hysterics and grandparents cratering into depression? Her daughter, our granddaughter, started first grade today. How can that be possible? Why do I feel sad that she's starting first grade? I realize it's not the fact that she's starting first grade, it's the fact that she's growing up much too fast. I guess I'm selfish and would like her to stay young. I'd like her to always be like she was in this photo I took here, her second Christmas.

Anevay has always been smart beyond her years but it’s those innocent, child-like moments I’ll remember most fondly. As an example, for a time, she was convinced Darlene and I lived at the zoo. Her grandmother works there so we must live there. It makes sense to me. In her mind, since we lived there, she owned the animals. Her most prized possessions were the gorillas. She boldly told the crowds who gathered to see them that they were HER gorillas! And, when she was at the zoo, it was always a race to keep up with her. She remembered where every animal lived and she knew the ones she wanted to see. She just never wasted any time looking at any one particular animal!

I hope she’ll always want to “see the snakes” or “feed the ducks” on our Resaca or will want to go to “the animal zoo” when she comes to visit. Come to think of it, I still love to do those things. Maybe there are some things we never outgrow! Still, don’t grow up too fast Anevay and always know Papa and Grandma love you very much!

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darlene said...

That's beautiful, baby!!! That's one of my favorite photos so am glad you used it.

I think it's just difficult to let go. You want them to stay small, safe and protected. First grade symbolizes one more step toward independence.

aka grMoM