Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Back" to School

I started physical therapy this past Wednesday at the Brownsville Back School, a place I really didn't want to see again. Well, maybe for a visit to see the nice folks there but definitely not as a patient. I had undergone an aggressive 8 week session this past February and March, following back surgery in late December. But since I graciously declined the cortisone shot in the spine, as mentioned in a previous post in this Blog, this was the course of action prescribed by my neurosurgeon. I'll visit 3 times at week for the next 4 weeks.

The routine, this time, is pretty much the same. I start with fifteen minutes on a recumbent bike then do 3 sets of leg curls. Various leg and back exercises follow before I end up with a heating pad under my lower back. However this time, 15 minutes of "electric stimulation" has been added. I'm not sure what is happening when my back is being "electrocuted" but I guess the hope is to relax the muscles in my lower back. Time will tell if it indeed works but the pain is still pretty intense every time I sit down.

I'll be back for my next session on Monday and you can be sure I'll "toe the line" while a patient there. The "Babes" of the Brownsville Back School will make sure of that!


Aggie92 said...

Sorry to hear about the therapy for your back and I am sure that game yesterday didn't help either. It might be good for your back if you not watch next week's game. Don't worry I will cheer for your guys just
like I am sure you will cheer for us
when we have to play them. Congrats on the new reps...they are so cute(I meant the snakes...not you doing your
therapy). Good luck on the therapy...Mrs. Aggie92 says hi.

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Thanks man and yes, the game was brutal. Maybe all the twisting I did to help the 'Horns helped my back because it has actually felt pretty good today! You're right, I had already planned NOT to watch the brutality that will no doubt unfold in the Cotton Bowl next Saturday! I've already chalked it up to a "rebuilding year".

Don Oettinger said...

Man I'm here for least I will be once I recover from the agony of my Mets fall from the best team in the league to the "greatest collapse in history" in the matter of three weeks. Guess I'll be a Yankees fan for the next month.

Ang said...

Hope the therapy is still helping. BTW, I do know some pretty awesome massage therapists, myself included, but when you are both ready for the "real deal" let me know.