Friday, October 5, 2007

Art is All Around Us

The debate over whether "photography is art" has raged for years. Can photography indeed be considered it's own form of art? Many say no. Hardcore artists will tell you photography first has to be considered technical. Since a camera is involved, it's a mechanical process and since the camera does the work, the photographer then has nothing to do with it. I beg to differ.

But what is art? To me, art is nothing more than something that touches you. Be it a painting or a photograph, to me, it is art. A good photograph causes me to pause and reflect. I inevitably wish I had been the one to take the photograph. To me, it's a form of art and maybe even art in it's purist form.

Photography has made me take time to pause and look at the beauty around me. A simple walk through the back yard to feed our Venezuelan redfoot tortoises recently made me dash back into the house for the camera. Two quick shots. You be the judge.

Yellow Plumeria In Bloom
Native Cactus In Bloom

Would you display these in your home? Is photography art? I say a definite YES!


steve's girl said...

I agree! Your photos are a work of art and they are beautiful! My guest room (aka Kyle's old room) has an entire wall display of my favorite photos that Kyle took in Brownsville and I smile every time I look at them.
Sorry you missed out on the last batch of cookies; maybe next time your co-workers will share if you ask nicely!
Kyle tells us your back is feeling better. Glad to hear it.
Steve and Sam/Leon say "hi".

darlene said...

I totally agree. A good photographer can look at the ordinary and capture something extraordinary. Good composition is an art form. If you have ever taken notice of a poorly composed photo you will understand exactly what I mean. A camera tries to take an image as the human eye sees it but has never been able to achieve this with perfection. An accomplished photographer is able to assess the lighting, surroundings, and all other elements and produce a desired result. The camera on its on is unable to do this. If no artistic skill was involved the camera, on its own, would indeed take perfectly composed photos each time the camera is pointed and the shutter button is clicked. Photography is an art and YOU, my dear, are a true artist!

All my love,

XXXX said...

I used to know a really big guy (even bigger than me) named Art. I often felt as though he was all around me. When he sat around the house, he REALLY sat around the house (har de har). I'm glad that someone else now knows how I felt.

Great pics by the way.

York said...

Definitely, photography is art...or at least it can be. I often see photos and am in awe of the photographer's composition and perspective. Other times, though, it just looks like the photographer got lucky and happened to point the camera at something beautiful. Often when I take photos, all I'm doing is recording something beautiful that's in front of me. But sometimes I see beauty in something that others might not or I see a particular angle or composition that is unique....and those are the times when I feel like an artist. One thing I definitely agree with you about is that when I'm in the right mindset and I'm viewing the world through my "photographer's eye", I see a lot more and much of it is beautiful.

And to answer your question, I'd definitely hang your photos on my walls!