Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally, a FROPA!

FROPA is an acronym used by the National Weather Service to denote a "Frontal Passage". We finally had our first significant cold frontal passage of the fall season in Brownsville this morning. For the past week, this cold front had been perfectly forecast. Even the timing of the front was almost perfectly predicted. So when it blew past our office at exactly 1057 am this morning, the 3 of us on shift were all outside waiting, eagerly anticipating the first blast of cool air felt here since last winter. What a blast it was! Low clouds rolled in, accompanied by northwest winds of 49 mph. The temperature dropped from 89 degrees to 62 degrees in less than an hour. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, we tied the daily maximum high temperature of 92 degrees! Hopefully, we won't see another 90 degree day until next year. Unfortunately for us, that could be as early as January!

Low clouds on the horizon around 10 am depicting the location of the front. The building on the left is our inflation building where we inflate weather balloons.

On our doorstep!



darlene said...

Great post, baby! The photos are excellent! The FROPA feels good.


steve's girl said...

When Kyle gets a chance to read your post, he will be jealous...he loves those crazy weather days! We had 3 days of rain in Eureka, with plenty of wind and a little thunder, but the last day and a half was beautiful sunshine. I think temps in the upper 50's to low 60's. I'm glad it is cooling down for you and that your forecast was right on!

XXXX said...

Ahhh...brings back memories. Some pleasant, some not. Thanks for sharing.

Aggie92 said...

Sorry I was not there to enjoy but it was pretty impressive here too. Looking forward to getting back down there real soon.