Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Woman on Her Birthday With Her Big SPOILED Lizard!

Yesterday was Darlene's birthday. One of the things she wanted was her picture taken with By-Tor, her pet Argentine black and white tegu. Believe me when I tell you, a lizard has never had it this good. Like in the above photo, he's cuddled like a child. He's fed chicken from a fork. His bananas are peeled and properly sliced. He drinks water from a glass. He sleeps on the futon. He literally has the run of her office. He is puppy tame and he loves her attention. Just this morning, while waiting to go to work, I heard a slight "honey" coming from the computer room. When I walked in, there was By-Tor, stretched across Darlene's shoulders, looking like the king he's become. In all of my reptile years, I've never seen a lizard seek human attention the way By-Tor does. It's not so much me. Oh, he'll come running across the room to me when he thinks he's about to receive a mouse for lunch. And, he's always the perfect gentleman tegu when I transfer him to the patio for his afternoon sunshine. But, he actively seeks Darlene's attention, even climbing into her lap where he sleeps peacefully while she goes about her business at her laptop. Oh, did I happen to mention that he's SPOILED?!


darlene said...

Thanks for the post, baby, and for feeding By-Tor mice so I don't have to do that! =) You have me pretty spoiled so I would have to say that I learned from the best!!!


XXXX said...

Hey Jim,

It looks to me like By-Tor is smirking at you in that picture. You gonna let him get away with that?

Beth&Leo said...

Darlene, You just keep letting Jim spoil you!

Jim that is a great picture of Darlene and By-Tor. In fact it is a great picture and perfect in black and white. (I know how much Darlene loves to get her picture taken!!)

Nice story.


(who loves being spoiled by Leo.)

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

No problem, my Dear! What a chow hound he is. He ate two more mice this morning then followed me around like a puppy, wanting even MORE FOOD! No wonder he's gaining weight by the second! I'm surprised you can even move your neck today!

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

XXXX - So you noticed that too! At least I still have him beat in the tongue department!

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Beth - Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, Darlene does hate having her picture taken. As a matter of fact, this may be the first time she's ever asked me to do so. Guess we should have had a BIG, SPOILED LIZARD all these years!

darlene said...

"X" -- I can't wait for you to meet the little smirker! =)

Beth & Leo -- I'm so spoiled now that I couldn't quit if I wanted to! Ah, you just keep being spoiled, too! It's definitely under-rated! ;-)

Baby -- It looks like you are contributing to By-Tor's spoiledness too! Thanks =)

Don said...

What a terrific picture! And I thought our birds were spoiled!
Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

LaVibora - Jim Campbell said...

Don - Thanks man! Our's was quiet, spent with good food and friends. By-Tor even ate chicken and dressing. Is that spoiled or what?!

darlene said...

Don, I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that all else is wonderful, too. =)

You, with spoiled birds? Nah! I can't imagine that! ;-)

Oh.. and just to prove that I am not the only lizard-spoiler in the house: Jim cooked ground turkey and eggs for By-Tor this morning. How could I not be madly in love with a man that will cook breakfast for a lizard?